Wednesday, October 08, 2008

坏女人 vs Film Goddess

Much has been said about the Palin woman, such as her infamous gaffes that she'd committed when she was interviewed about her knowledge on foreign policy (her answer goes along the line of "Alaska is near to Russian and Canada"), but lots have been said about her being an animal- and environmental activists nightmare. Her list of misdemeanor to animals and possible environmental damage is just too long to mention - just do a search for "Sarah Palin and animals" on YouTube and you'll get an idea.

Read : Brigitte Bardot slams Sarah Palin as a 'disgrace to women'

(Chinese translator: 坏女人 means "bad woman")


EJ. said...

No chance of McCain and Palin victory with the on crisis credit crunch.
After the failed white house bid, Palin will face lots of scruntiny from the environmental and wildlife welfare groups.serve her right!

auntie p said...

I certainly hope so, EJ. This Palin woman sounds too scary for anything!

cat_aunty said...

I also don't know why they chose her as running mate to start with. Maybe they knew it is a sure loss election and no one with any political ambitions wanted to stick their necks out?