Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where is Shiny?

Shiny, Shiny, where are you?

Not a day goes by without us (L and I) thinking and sms-ing about you.

Are you in someone's home, safe & sound, with plenty to eat and enjoying the comforts of home?

Or has someone taken you away, only to terminate your life, before we could say goodbye?

Wherever you are, I hope you're no longer in pain and that you'll always remember the sweetness and kindness that the nice aunties and uncles have bestowed on you.


EJ. said...

Shiny missing for long time?
Please stay well,Shiny.

auntie p said...

The last time I saw Shiny was last Wed night. Last Thur morning, L saw Shiny at about 6.30am, and Shiny walked towards her when L called. I visited Shiny's hangout around 8am, but she was no longer there (on Thu morning), so I suspect someone might have taken Shiny away. My fear is that if they take Shiny to the vet, the vet may advise to put her down coz she's old and not well. :(