Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mommy's helper

Mommy was packing some clothes, so I've decided to help her.

Checking out the box and some socks.

Sitting on the vaccum bag to remove the air inside...

But mommy said she was taking the clothes out from the bag...not keeping them inside! Sigh...

Anyway, this sweater feels good...

Good enough for a snooze! Oops! Not being very helpful there...

Here I'm sitting on them to stop prevent them from dropping onto the floor.

All that packing makes me a tired kitty.

Ps from auntie p:
I don't think Coco knows what the suitcase means, coz when we went away last year (her first year with us), I'd used my backpack.

I followed Cat aunty's advice and tried to tell Coco a couple of times about us going away, and that she must be good to the catsitter, etc. The conversation would usually start off with her being quite vocal and responsive, and then gradually she would turn silent. Maybe she thinks I'm too long-winded and got bored with me. *roll eyes*


cat_aunty said...

What a good helper you are, Coco!

Auntie P remember to leave some of your and SO's worn clothings around for Coco

auntie p said...

Yes, I'm also planning not to wash the bedsheets, cushion covers, etc. until after our trip.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

have a good trip auntie p!

hope you will be posting during your trip, if not, not only HRH will miss you, we will miss you too!

EJ. said...

Both of you have an enjoyable trip,Aunty P!

And not forget to leave lots of treat for Coco.

auntie p said...

Thanks everyone, but we're not leaving yet till Friday. :)

Not sure if I will blog during the trip, or perhaps I can blog without photos, but just a record of where we've been on such a such a day.