Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Close shave

Horrors! Here's some shocking news which made my jaw dropped!!

My neighbour Ms T happened to be speaking with our TC officer and got to know that a resident living in Ms A's block had complained to the TC to have our lovely community cats - Sugar and Jon Jon removed!

Ahhh.....the heartless person!! Do you know what you have done? :-(

The TC officer came, saw that both ear-tipped cats are well-fed, healthy and clean, and straight-away understood that these cats are well-cared for, and didn't remove both cats (although they did catch a haggard-looking, black stray cat at some other block). He's also instructed the cleaners to step up on the cleaning of that particular area.

Immediately, I called the kind TC officer and explained the situation, and that many residents (who love to sayang Sugar) will surely miss both cats if anything untoward happens to them. If necessary or if the resident continues to demand for the cats to be removed, we'll get help to mediate.

In the meantime, I got to go check on our dear community cats more often.

Sugar: What complaint? Who vomitted fishy things? Please lah, I eat dry food one. Not me, not me!

Jon-Jon: Whatever it is, I didn't do it lah!


cat_aunty said...

Wah sai, that was close!! Thank God the TC officer has some brains!

jennifer_yq said...

it is good to have a understanding officer..

BTW, ur three links:
celeste, cats of ECP and caturday are not working...

auntie p said...

Thanks, Jennifer, will amend the links.