Friday, December 01, 2006

Animal abuse

World's first: owners charged for dog's obesity

This case happened in England.

Two brothers who allowed their 73 kg mixed breed labrador, Rusty to eat excessively were charged in court for animal abuse.

As reported in The Times, such a unique case is a first in the world.

Rusty weighs more than double of what the dog's usual weight should be. Instead of being agile and a good hunter which is typical of his breed, Rusty loves to eat and is as big as a sea lion. He has difficulty standing, can't walk a few steps without panting heavily, and needs to sit down to rest frequently.

The dog's vet had repeatedly urged the brothers to put Rusty on a diet for the past 5 years, but it had fallen on deaf ears.

An investigator from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said that in February, they found Rusty unable to move and suggested that he be brought to the vet for attention. Till March, the brothers still had not done so.

A vet said that Rusty has joint and breathing problems, and it would be terrible if he can't use his hind legs to support himself.

Since undergoing treatment, Rusty has lost 22 kg.

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