Friday, February 09, 2007

Cannot tahan ah!

I need to rant...yes, NEED to rant.

Someone posted in MSN Singapore Cats about having 3 fresh kittens for adoption, and it turns out she was the same person who posted about sterilising her 2 cats (male & female) sometime in 2006. Now with 3 new kittens which she does not want on her hands, she claimed that she didn't sterilised her cats then because someone in her family "insisted for the cat to be given a chance to perform duty as a woman" (quote from her) !!

Oh my!! What duty are these crazy people thinking of! The duty for the cat to have sex? To serve her cat husband in marital bliss? To procreate?

I have an inkling where such misconceived "theories" come from, but I shall refrain from mentioning it here. I think that, as human beings - the creature on the highest hierarchy of the animal chain who is supposed to be the smartest (with the biggest brain), we must exercise our given powers of thought, analysis and judgement instead of following things and beliefs blindly. If we're always going to follow the herd instinct and do things without questioning, without considering the consequence, then we would be no better than animals who live by instincts. What a waste of rice it would be to feed such stewpid people. Tsk...tsk!


Anonymous said...

dont mean to be judgemental, is this particular idiot and her equally idiotic family, are they of a particular ethnic group?

i'm really worried for the future of the human race if such people are around to procreate. which is the ultimate crime against humanity.

auntie p said...

Anonymous: I do not know this person or her group, nor do I think such "theories" are limited to any one particular group. I hope this person learns from the consequences, and hopefully, fewer unwanted lives will be born to suffer.