Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Coco looking for her flying snack

I played the video on my camera and Coco was stunned to hear her own meowing. ;-)

New cat set-up
Since the last weekend, I've shifted all the cat paraphernalia out of the spare bedroom into the kitchen. So the cats now have to eat, drink, pee and poo in the kitchen or laundry areas (respectively) which is more convenient for me to access the trash bin, water source, etc. The cats have adapted to the new arrangement without any fuss, although sometimes they still run into the spare bedroom when they thought it's their snack time.

Snowy update
Snowy seem to display signs of of over-licking / over-scratching, and has three small abrasions on her lower body and near the "tail joint". Two of the abrasions have healed, and the other left tiny specks of blood stain on our bed. Snowy has always have an enthusiastic way of licking / grooming herself. The sounds she makes while grooming in the dead of night can be a little alarming. If she does it on the spring mattress in the spare room, her vigorous grooming movements can shake the mattress so much that it disturbs my nap. :-P


kuro.shiro.neko said...

wah, coco very big liao hor...

KXBC said...

The licking near the tail region may be due to fur mites. Some cats are allergic to fur mites, some not. It happened to XX last time and a dose of Frontline for a few months helped.

cat_aunty said...

Did Coco lose something?

Whao, vigorous grooming until the bed shakes....not very princessy leh Snowy!

auntie p said...

ksn: now that you've mentioned it, I think so too, although Coco has only gained about 400g since her skinny days when she first came, and remains at 3.3kg. She's eating more than Snowy (I let Coco eat as much as she wants), and yet remains slim.

kxbc: thanks for the tip; will apply Frontline on both cats over the weekend.

Cat aunty: Coco lost her snack lor - the insect flew away! She will gulp down any insect that she can catch at night...haaa!

Being food-obsessed, Snowy hardly behaves like a princess at all. She's perpetually waiting for me to give her food! Tsk, tsk!

san said...

I played the video just to see the action and Megat leapt up from my lap and tried to look for the mysterious cat behind the monitor...hahaha

auntie p said...

Megat is cute. :)