Monday, March 05, 2007

Community cat woes

Last night, I heard ferocious catfights at around 1.30am which made me wonder if it was Sugar picking up fights again. This always gets me worried, especially when the screams sounded like from Kiddy, who had just gotten stitched up at a phenomenal (hospital) cost! The cost was phenomenal because the sum is enough to pay for the normal upkeep of a pet cat for one whole year.

Sigh...I can only hope Kiddy doesn't get hurt again. Problems arise because the community cats are located too closely, and Sugar does like to roam. There are other community cats in Kiddy's area too, but why is Kiddy the only one that always get hurt? Why is he not alert enough to sense danger, and to flee from the enemy? The funny thing was that both Kiddy and Sugar did get along when Kiddy was a kitten, but now they're sworn enemies.

I am the king, hear me roaarr!

Sugar is apparently quite the terror of the neighbourhood when it comes to cats. I've seen how Blackie fled away in panic when she sensed Sugar's presence from far away. The positive thing about this is that Sugar is doing a fantantic job of keeping new cats away, which I had seen, so his territorial nature helps to maintain the stray cat population, as long as there's no more dumping by irresponsible humans, that is.

I wish that there is a way out of this Sugar-Kiddy deadlock.

At home, I am the manja pussycat

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