Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pet hair remover

Just as we were contemplating about buying a hand-held vacuum cleaner (to suck up all the cat hair at home) and its effectiveness, I came across a Pet Hair Removing Sponge which is supposed to remove cat and dog hair.

I bought a piece to try at home, and guess what? It works!

One side of the black-coloured square sponge is embossed, while the other is not. Nevertheless, both sides can be used to sweep cat hair, so that the hairs bunch up together for easy removal.

All at a steal of $2, and available at the place where everything is always $2 - Daiso. I got mine at the Plaza Singapura branch.


kuro.shiro.neko said...

alamak, i was just at PS this morning.

thanks for sharing auntie p - will definitely stock up on some.

personally i also like the roller type pet hair remover, esp good on clothes

san said...

Ahh.. a life-saver. I bought a hand-held vacuum cleaner for $10.00 for cat hair but it got spoiled after I had used it only 3 times!

cat_aunty said...

We just use masking tape. Hahaha

auntie p said...

Roller, $10 vacuum & masking tape - we've tried them too. The (plastic) roller is effective but doesn't pick up hair after a while until you wash and rinse it for the next use. The battery operated $10 vacuum is not spoiled, but it can hardly suck up hair also...haha! Masking tape is good, but gotta use quite a lot - too bad cannot recycle.

Will buy a couple more of this sponge for MIL too. The other thing I'll buy from Daiso is the anti-snoring nose clip for the SO...that works to reduce snoring, though not 100%. ;)

KXBC said...

I used to use the handheld vacuum cleaner. It's good for picking up pieces of litter/fur all over the floor. However, the rechargeable battery will die on you in half a year due to the numerous recharging times a day. When the battery is new, one full charge can last 10 min but it can reduce dramatically after 2 months or so.

Now I use the normal vacuum cleaner every other day or so. Faster and cleaner. The Osim Mermaid comes to the rescue every weekend.

auntie p said...

kxbc: Luckily we didn't get the handheld vacuum. The ones with enough power cost around $100 - more expensive than some normal ones!

The normal Electrolux vacuum cleaner is just too heavy to lug out every now and then. So the hair removing sponge will have to do the small, daily cleaning job.