Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cat sisters update

The cat sisters have come to our home for about 3 months now.

During the first week of their arrival in January, Snowy was always displaying her manja self by rolling on the floor, as if she was asking for tummy rubs. Her sweet and affectionate purrsonality was already quite obvious then.

(Snowy, January 2007)

Meanwhile, Coco must be so proud that she has trained her human (aka me) very well, since I can now understand most of the demands by her royal highness, such as her damands for food, for neck scratches and for me to open the door so that she can look out of the gate.

Last night, she told me in no uncertain terms, who was the boss at home. After dinner and washing-up, I wanted to relax by reading a bit of the newspapers, so I sat on the deck chair to read. Barely 3 minutes have passed when Coco suddenly appeared and began rubbing her cheeks on the deck chair and whined... and whined again. Just to confirm my reading of her was correct, I told Coco she can have "her" chair, and before I could get up completely, she had already jumped up and placed herself comfortably on the chair.
*grumble, grumble*

Coco claiming uncle S's deck chair as her own

In spite of everything, they are a pair of lovely cats, and I'm glad that they haven't displayed any tendency to hiss, scratch or bite us, despite being "manhandled" by us at times. ;-)


cat_aunty said...

Coco is one tough mistress! Got you guys trained in 3 months!! She derserves an award!

cat_aunty said...

Sorry ah, Snowy looks like alien lah

auntie p said...

Cat aunty: no wonder Snowy's appetite knows no bounds! 原来雪儿是个外星猫! Heh!

But I suspect Snowy looks that way because she has some pedigree blood in her from her pedigree ancestors. Although not fat, she has quite a muscular body (for a young female cat), which is unlike most local cats. And she is also "blur blur gong gong". :P

EJ. said...

Snowy's BBGG? Then she must be the easy going type. She got big appetite? OOps, difficult to 'married' her off, lol.
HRH Coco is boss of the house!

auntie p said...

Snowy is blur but cute in a way. I can scold her one minute and after a while, she will still come and look for me if she can't find me. Nowadays she "demands" uncle S to give her a massage every morning.

And both cats will come and give me morning calls, esp Coco who will jump onto my bed to meow loudly at me!

By the way, do you have any pet cats, EJ?

CatDonna & Cats said...

Good that your cats don't bite, hiss or scratch... mine do. And I let them, because I'm such an idiot.

Boonie, Lucie and Teddy don't try anything, but the rest are monsters. Monsters.

But at least they are aware of their limits, so they don't bite or scratch hard. Just enough to inform me that I am being annoying.

I am well-trained.

EJ. said...

Snowy loves food and now massage,smart girl!
I can imagine how Snowy will look like playing in the snow!
No, I don't have any pets. Our condo's strata allow only one pet. Did consider having a kitty but we have an open balcony.Hubby worry cat might jump from it.
There are hardly any strays/community cats in and around vancouver.
Catdonna, you must really loves your cats and are very patience with them.