Thursday, May 03, 2007

George the terrier saved 5 boys from dog attack

Taken from today's ZaoBao, this happened in New Zealand, north island.

A group of boys were leaving a candy shop and playing with George the (wired haired) terrier when suddenly, 2 big American hunting dogs / pit bull terriers (?) dashed out to attack the group, especially a 4-year old boy.

George, who is less than a foot tall, fought bravely with the 2 hunting dogs to divert their attention away from the boys, until the boys shouted for help from passerbys who came to rescue George. Unfortunately, George suffered serious multiple injuries to his neck, chest and back. As 9-year old George already has heart disease, the vet determined that his chances for recovery was not good, so it was decided to humanely put him down so as to lessen further pain and suffering.

The owner of the 2 attacked dogs have handed them over to the authorities to be put to sleep, as both dogs had make previous attacks even when not provoked. The dogs are now in the pound, and under local laws, dogs that attacked will be put to death.

Rest in peace, George. You were a brave boy and good dog!


cat_aunty said...

Good old in peace

EJ. said...

Rest in peace...Hero George.