Wednesday, May 30, 2007

About last night

Last night, as usual, was a hot and humid night, but sometime in the early AM hours, there might have been a cool breeze blowing into our bedroom. Our fan was still switched on and blowing straight at us, and when I awoke, I saw that uncle S had already covered himself with his blanket. Feeling chilly, I was too sleepy to get up to turn the fan off, so I did the same and covered myself with my blanket.

Before I could shut my eyes and go back to sleep, Snowy, who had been sleeping near my feet all this while, became attracted to my blanket (which is always a cat magnet). The clever gal decided to snuggle herself on my flabby tummy, with her back leaning against my bolster (which was right next to my body). That was just the perfect spot for her to sleep, but which meant I couldn't move if I didn't want to disturb her.

And that was how we slept on until morning comes, with a 4+kg cat floating up and down my tummy in tandem with my breathing, while my right hand held onto the bolster tightly.


EJ. said...

Good tummy exercises for you, Aunty P.
What would happen if Coco join in?

EJ. said...

Snowy and Coco looks so cute on top right potrait pictures.

auntie p said...

Hi EJ,

Eh, then maybe I'll get a toned tummy faster? *wishful thinking*

Thanks for reading my blog and being so generous with your comments. Your support is much appreciated. :)