Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shocking Expose!! Never-seen-before footage!!!

Never-seen-before behaviour captured at ex-trial adopters' home! It's sensational ! ;-p

This is a hidden side of Snowy that we've never encountered at home or known to exist. She'd actually snarled and hissed at a kitten younger than herself!

*Hgguurrhhh !!!*

Don't you mess with me! I'm the 大姐大 (big sister) in this house, you hear?

(Photos courtesy of ex-trial adopters)


EJ. said...

Exhibit A - Sweet Snowy caught red-handed!
The kitten is black. So the adopters wanted a white cat to form the 'YingYang' symbol?

VeganCatsg said...

Such snarling is common in the early phase of a newbie introduction and one can see that the black kitten is inviting her to play. I am sure with time, they will be playmates. Just need time.

KXBC said...

Unfortunately, the adoptors made too hasty a decision.

Agree with vegancatsg, we can see from the pic, blackie inviting play but as we all know, cats have this thing about their private space and will not allow strangers/strange cats to invade.

Mary said...

It's common behaviour. Imagine being taken away suddenly and placed in some 'foreign land'; they are just protecting themselves lah. The black kitten sure looks friendly. Just curious - are they locked to the kitchen?

cat_aunty said...

Show them what you have got Snowy!!!

Sigh. Not the kitties' fault. They just need more patience and support from the "parents".

I totally understand how Snowy felt, and your mixed feelings about the failed trial.

I guess you have to accept Snowy and Coco being a permanent fixture now. Kekeke.

auntie p said...

Dear all, thanks for your comments.

Mary: Don't think the cats were locked up - they'd mentioned Snowy kept staying in the kitchen initially.

Who knows, it may be a good thing that Snowy wasn't adopted by them. Like what Catdonna say, any good adopters worth their salt must be willing to commit to & fulfil the agreed trial period (at least) and not be too hasty to expect instant results.

caricature said...

scary snarl! she'll adapt with time though :)