Monday, June 04, 2007

Snowy is a bully !?!

Maybe Snowy doesn't like her new step-sister, or maybe the timing was wrong, or maybe it's just bad luck, but Snowy will be coming home... as returned goods!

I called the papa adopter to check on Snowy. The story is that their first cat started becoming friendly with Snowy (by rolling about in front of Snowy), yet Snowy kept hissing at her and had to be separated (she really knows how to 吊起来卖!). The timing is bad because adopters are busy with work now, yet could not get a good 2 nights' sleep because Snowy kept meowing at night. Adopters are also leaving for an overseas trip soon, so the fatigue of not getting enough sleep, coupled with pre-trip anxiety might have contributed to their eagerness to return Snowy to us, so that once and for all, their lives could return to normal. Papa adopter also suggested that I rehome Snowy to a single-cat household. He also said Snowy did not eat a lot (contrary to what I'd told them), but took small bites of food and walked away.

The fact that Snowy has become the aggressor and the fact that she eats very little - both are shocking to me and the SO! When Snowy comes back, we must ask her if she has multiple personality disorder. And if she eats very little in our home, then it's time for us to buy the lottery! :p



EJ. said...

Way to go, Snowy! I mean, way to come home, Snowy!
She must have been totally stressed by her separation with Coco.
Meanwhile, can't wait to see Coco's reaction on seeing Snowy again.

san said...

I thought this would be quite natural behaviour. When Totoro came to live with us, he was very aggressive and of course Megat is still trying to beat everyone into submission. When ms akira came here, she beat Bujang up right and left. Must be patient lah.

Chee said...

It all depends on the cat's personality and disposition.

When Sparky first came home he was hissing at Peachy while Peachy was looking at him in her bo-chap manner. We had to keep them separated for almost a week; the first 2-3 days Sparky was kept in the drying area and store room while Peachy had the roam of the house. After that there were supervised visitations where they were brought together into the same room, but at different corners and left there for a few minutes. The length of each visit was gradually increased until we felt confident that they would not whacking each other the moment they see each other.

And we repeated the same process when Romeo, Miki and Snowy came along. So all it takes is a little bit of patience and understanding. And even today Sparky remains a bit of a loner, preferring to sit well away from the rest even when we're all in the living room. After all, I'm sure Snowy must be quite traumatized having been separated from her sister and the love and care that you and Uncle S has been showering her.

auntie p said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences, San and Chee. I have read san's blog and about other cat introductions. From the beginning, I've told them that 1 to 2 weeks may not be enough to tell if the cats can get along, as it can take months.

Anyway, I don't blame them as they really do like Snowy (cuddle-able) and Snowy can get along with them (the humans). It's too bad that Snowy missed this opportunity of a good home.

BTW, we don't even have to think about buying lottery. Snowy eats little? Ya, right! Hur hur hur!

VeganCatsg said...

I am glad this story has a good ending :) in a way
Getting really good adopters is also like striking lottery.

EJ. said...

Adopter for one cat is difficult to come by. For two cats, it would be much more difficult.
Hope both Coco and Snowy can find a new home soon. Better still, they both get adopted together.

auntie p said...

Vegancat, I'm not sure this is a good ending. A good ending would be for both cats to find good homes, so that I can help other needy cats with my very limited resources.

Would you like me to introduce your Kaji to the couple? They want a white cat with a long tail, and Kaji seems more white than calico. Will email you.

KXBC said...

Wrong intro procedure by the adopters. They should have kept them separated for at least a week and it was totally wrong timing for them to consider even adopting a new cat given their schedules now.

Quick bring back Snowy so that Coco and her separation is not too spaced out. I read dunno where that 2 cats which grew up together and were very manja towards each other turned against each other when one was sent to the vet for a few hours/days and came home after that. Of course that may be an isolated incident but you never know with cats.

auntie p said...

kxbc: I guess you're right. Snowy was back last night. Her first reaction was to wonder around a bit, then hid behind the curtains. Coco went to hide at first, and when introduced to Snowy, just sniffed at her, then licked her, then they sat together, as per normal.

When Sugar was released back to the community after having been hospitalised and then recuperating at my home for about 1.5 wks, his pal Jon-Jon's first reaction was quite funny - the hair on his back and tail stood up while he gingerly took a sniff of Sugar (with all his hospital smells). It took a while before JJ realised Sugar's identity, but luckily they didn't turn against each other.

Mary said...

Hi aunty P, i am sure you are good adopters yourself. Why not give Snowy and Coco a permanent home in your castle! From what i read, i am glad Snowy is coming home to you. Meowing, not eating and shivering are signs of stress; and i do believe Snowy must have missed Coco and via versa.

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Oh -- this is so sudden! The introduction of Snowy to the resident kitty was too hasty, as kxbc had pointed out. And ideally, one should not introduce changes to the home situation just before a major trip / taking on a new job etc. But we all learn from our own mistakes, eh?

auntie p said...

I agree 4 days is too hasty, and too soon to expect the cats to socialise, but some folks don't seem to believe in gradual introductions, and this couple is one of them. They expect it's all (bonding) or nothing...all in a matter of days. Where got like that one? Cats have feelings too, u'know. Uncle S and I had to lose sleep for 2 weeks before the cat sisters settled down fully when they first came, compared to their 2 days.

Anyway, I've asked them to consider Kaji, another white cat with long tail when they return from their trip (with Vegancat's permission). Being younger and friendly, Kaji may just be the cat to meet their expectations, hopefully.

KXBC said...

It's never easy to introduce new cats unless all parties are super friendly which is seldom the case. Ask them to read this and other online literature first before they bring back another companion cat.

I hope your adoptor reads your blog and our comments too.

jennifer_yq said...

cat are so protective of their own kitty space.. i think snowy is not comfortable to share her space with big sister. Common with cats. it really took time to introduce new cats... up to now, my big adults cats would still hiss at hehe and xianxian.. DD even boxed the little one ears' quite a few time. I am not worried about that as long as there is no injury.

Ddxiong said...

Actually it's rather strange that the adopter wants a white cat with long tail (Quite specific!)Ultimately it's the personality of the cat that's more important compared to the colour. Hmm... Just a thought.

CatDonna & Cats said...

My two cents:
If the adopters aren't prepared or willing to give AT LEAST a couple weeks for a new cat to settle, then the adoption shouldn't be allowed to happen.

Instant rapport is one thing, commitment is another. I've had lots of potential adopters clicking with my charges, but only the ones that indicate well-informed commitment get to take them home.

A pity about this incident but at least Snowy doesn't seem very much worse for wear.

Gail said...

Hmmm..when I adopted Bella (a dog. sorry abit out of context here...) she took 3 weeks to bond with me! 4 days ????!!!!!

oh well..may be it is not mean to be and it is probably for the better.

But I am happy that Snowy is back with you and I am sure that CoCo is happy too.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

well auntie p, as said by other multi-cat owners, it definitely take more than 4 days to bond 2 stranger cats.

plus, it needs a lot of coordination from humans (closing of doors, opening the other one, swapping towels to smell, very lechey one leh). so they definitely picked the wrong time too!