Friday, June 01, 2007

Snowy's update

Snowy's new papa was kind enough to call me this evening to provide an update. I was worried that he was going to bear some bad news, but thank goodness, things between their cat and Snowy aren't going too badly. Other than some mutual hissing here and there, there was no fur flying! *Phew!* What a relief that is to me!

They left home after leaving Snowy on the sofa, and when mama came back a few hours later, Snowy was still sitting on the sofa, shivering... hahaha the poor timid gal! Luckily, Snowy is comfortable with her new parents, although she hasn't eaten, drank, or used the litter tray yet. I've asked papa to give her some of her favourite Fussie Cat wet food which I had passed to them. Perhaps it's a good chance for Snowy to shed a bit of weight, but I can bet she won't be starving herself for long. I just hope the two cats will become friends soon.

I do miss Snowy, and miss patting and carrying her bak bak body in my arms, but overall, we're happy that she's adopted by folks who are cat lovers. The delight on their faces while they played with Snowy yesterday was unmistakable. Meanwhile, Coco is getting extra doses of TLC from uncle S and me, as well as extra cat treats and cat grass on demand. Heheh!

Hmm... my mind is kinda blank now


EJ. said...

Hope Snowy and Coco adjusted well to their separation.
Most likely food can help Snowy.

VeganCatsg said...

Life is always a mix of bitter-sweet. All the best to Snowy and may Coco, too, find a wonderful home.

san said...

How is Coco taking it now that she has treats and eatra TLC? Not too badly?

auntie p said...

Thanks for everyone's concern and good wishes. I haven't got any further updates yet, coz I know Snowy's parents are busy today.

Coco was still meowing loudly in the middle of the night within the first 24hrs after Snowy was gone. She seems to have accepted the situation now, and seems to have become more manja, even to uncle S. She's getting lots of attention and chin scratches from us, not to mention the cat treats. Generally, she's still her usual purring self, and came to bed with me in the cat room last night. She's now sleeping right next to my (new) computer as I'm typing this. :)

cat_aunty said...

Hmmmm it is difficult loh. Ideally both should be adopted as a pair, but it may lessen the chance of them being adopted at all. Must be a heart breaking decision for you both to make.

Coco, be brave!! And hope Snowy fits in soon

Gail said...

Ohhh Snowy has been adopted (on trial).

I am happy for her but I can imagine how you feel...kind of hard after all these time caring and loving them.

I hope Coco will find her own home soon too.