Saturday, July 07, 2007

Snowy's idea of camouflage

Snowy went to hide under the sofa when it rained heavily early this morning.

While Coco remained cool as a cucumber...simply boh chup!


cat_aunty said...

Aiyoh no thunders what, scared what?? Silly Snowy.

Coco's expression is like, full of disdain for Snowy's timidness.

But then, when they are photographed together, Coco seems to be the shy one?

auntie p said...

Cat aunty: do you mean Coco looks aloof in the photos?

We think she always look grumpy...but then she will be purring at the same time, despite her grumpy look. Coco is actually more purry than Snowy. She'll purr when I talk to her, or look at her. She's actually more responsive in that sense. I love to place my ear close to her tummy to hear the purring engine. :)

EJ. said...

Me trying to pull Snowy's tail on my screen.duh, she still refuses to come out.
So Coco is the brave one.

cat_aunty said...

erm, I guess she is just shy lah. Plus she always seem to avoid looking into the camera, unlike Snowy....*chicken drumstick picture springs to mind*

auntie p said...

Oh, I see what you mean, cat aunty. I think it's Coco being aloof, as she tend to ignore me when I call her to look in my direction for the camera, whereas Snowy is more responsive and will look towards my camera.