Thursday, September 13, 2007

Furry grouchy alarm clock pai liao

My 4-legged morning alarm clock seems to be not working lately, as she had failed to provide my regular morning call service.

For several mornings, I would wake up to find her still snoozing soundly on my blanket, and having encroached onto a large part of my bed space. In fact, for the past two mornings, I have had to wake her up and to get her off my blanket, so that I can make the bed!

First, she refused to let us carry her, now she's stopped her morning call service. Tsk..tsk... What's a human being to do to get her cat to show a hint of gratefulness?


Morning calls


KXBC said...

Lots of scritches will solve the problem. :)

cheatle said...
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auntie p said...

Like the name implies, cheatle is a fake!

cat_aunty said...

wah so fast Coco slacked off in morning call duty!!

I guess it means

1) she is very confident
2) she is not hungry
3) there is no point to wake anyone up
4) she gives up because no one wakes up immediately

auntie p said...

Coco is definitely not feeling hungry, as there's always dry food left in her bowl now, since the greedy Snowy is gone. :P

I think Coco wakes us up only to pull her weight around or to throw tantrums, or to try her luck at asking for extra wet food round the clock. 不知好歹的东西!