Monday, October 08, 2007

Cats for adoption

Besides Ronnie, these two foster cats from Aunty G's brood are also up for adoption. Both cats are sterilised.

Name :
Alex, 6 month old male kitten

Looks like :
A black & white tuxedo kitten with a white chest, white "socks", a stubby tail and an innocent-looking face which is said to resemble a dog(!?!).

Characteristics :
Allows himself to be carried without complaining, sterilised, litterbox-trained and gets along with other cats.

Name : Ginger, male, estimated to be 11 months old

Looks like : A handsome ticked tabby with a light-brown coat and a very long straight tail.

Characteristics : Loves to clamour up to aunty G and other family members to sayang (love) them; well-behaved, gets along with other cats and litterbox-trained. Initially shy with strangers, but will be affectionate and loving when he gets to know you.

It's funny lah, this Ginger is not a ginger cat at all, but a sleek and handsome tabby...he reminds me of the majestic cougar. :)

(Pic from Wikipedia)

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KXBC said...

Ginger looks like my Chang Chang.