Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dry food for finicky cats

When it comes to food, I've always known Coco to be a fussy cat, and I've tried to vary or mix her dry food so as to encourage her to eat more. Lately, Coco has been eating less and less of the dry cat food (currently left RC Fit 32 formula which is poultry-based), although she still loves her Fussie Cat wet food. As a result, her already lean body has lost about 300g over the past few weeks even though there's free-choice feeding.

Previously, I'd fed her sample packs of holistic dry food, and found that she seems to eat more dry food if it's fish-based.

So, I had to try out a new brand of holistic dry cat food on Her Royal Finicky Highness before she turns the anorexic look into fashion. This brand of dry food claims to use only fresh ingredients.

The chief protein sources come from chicken and an equal proportion of salmon. Being a holistic formula, the ingredients include brown rice, oats, as well as small amounts of vegetables and fruits.

I tried the new dry food on Coco and she immediately lapped up 1 tablespoon with relish, and that's after she's already had her wet food plus some dry RC dinner. looks promising. Let's hope she'll eat more and put on the weight that she'd lost.

Coco: This book says a good diet includes the right amounts of grains, fruits and vegetables. Bleh! Gimme my tuna, salmon and cod fish treats anytime!


Mary said...

It may not be her diet, Coco may be missing Snowy. BTW, how is Snowy?

cat_aunty said...

Wah, lucky Coco!!!

auntie p said...

Snowy is fine.

EJ. said...

Innovative diet for Coco!

BTW, has Snowy 'huay nian chia'(back to foster's mom home).

auntie p said...

EJ: No. cats don't do visits like that. It's not a good thing for a rehomed cat to visit foster's home...coz it means bad news.