Monday, October 01, 2007

Naughty cat

On Sunday early morning at 4am, we were both wokened up by Coco's yelling. I patted her as usual, but she refused to stop and continued to yell at the top of her voice after 15 mins. Urgghh!!

Naughty Coco - Guilty as charged!

We both needed to catch up on much needed sleep as it had been a very tiring week for us, since FIL was admitted to hospital. As Coco refused to stop yelling, I decided it was time to show her the cane, which worked beautifully! Coco ran to hide in some corner, and I managed to get some (disrupted) sleep although by then, uncle S could not get to sleep anymore. :(

To avoid a repeat of her disruptive noctural behaviour, we defiantly refused to let Coco sleep in the afternoon and during the early evening on Sunday. We kept disrupting her naps by making noise and stroking her, so as to ensure she would sleep during the night. Haha!

The result: Coco did not even join us in bed, and we slept peacefully throughout the night (which I haven't done for a long time). What a relief!


Mary said...

My Tashi has the same problem at some nights because some of his sibilings sneaked into the room to sleep with me. i will open the door and he will ran away for fear of being reprimanded but i would insist going to him and giving him a big tight hug for a few seconds. He would then purr, feel comforted and proceed to his night sleep. By then, some of his siblings would have leave the room to be with him.

EJ. said...

Hmmm, kitties are like kids then,
Diva Coco practicing her opera notes or what?
Aunty_P, time to get the cat guide book, '50 ways to silence your cat'.

Gina said...

Can you come over and discipline my kitty as well? LOL. She's taken this "nocturnal" thing a bit

auntie p said...


EJ: I would also like to know the 50 ways to make a cat quiet. Since different methods work for different cats, knowing the different ways will come in handy.

Mary: Coco doesn't like to be hugged. At most, she'll come for neck scratches and that's about it. And she sure can chat when she's in the mood !

Gina: Thanks for dropping by. :)

rachael said...

My 1 year old kittie Milo needs some discipline! He will give my partner cuddles but as soon as I touch him he thinks im a peice of steak and attacks me! talk about biting the hand that feeds you! We think Milo has put him self first in the household rank, with me at the very bottom!

We think he is the way he is because he was taken from his mother too young and wasnt taught how hard to bite and he is also half Siamese.

He is such innocent looking cat but he is so naughty but I still love him!