Monday, October 01, 2007

English not enough

Ronnie's picture was recently posted on the CWS Adoption page, as follows:

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(image extracted from CWS Adoption Page)

It was good that someone showed interest in Ronnie, so I asked Aunty G (Ronnie's foster mom) to call him up to arrange for a viewing. Aunty G dutifully followed-up, and potential adopter came to view Ronnie. Ronnie was his usual sociable self and came up to meet the visitor sweetly.

According to aunty G's update, although he seemed to like Ronnie's looks and character, potential adopter "complained" that Ronnie is too big and that he wanted a 2-month old kitten, so the adoption did not go through, but that's ok. From this episode, I can only infer that something must be wrong with this person's English if he can't differentiate between "4-month old" and "2-month old". The side story is that this person used to have 3 cats, but one of his cats fell down to his death from his 6th storey apartment, so he is now looking to adopt another cat.

Handsome kitten for adoption

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san said...

Oh dear - another animal abuser :(