Wednesday, December 26, 2007

By george, she really likes it...

...a lot!

I mean, HRH Coco really like the Temptation Treats that's very thoughtfully sent over by EJ (all the way from Vancouver, Canada, ok!?)! I opened the salmon flavoured pack this morning and gave Coco 2 treats to try (knowing how fussy she is); she ate them and I gave another 4 treats. Before I could zip up the resealable bag and turn to keep the pack in the fridge, Coco had turned around and cried for more! Coco Mao Mao wants more! ;)

(ps: Coco Mao Mao is her nickname)

I haven't uploaded my pictures, but here's how the treats look like:

(Photo borrowed from EJ's blog)

Thank you, aunty EJ !

With lots of luv from Coco. *meow*


EJ. said...

Glad that Coco loves it very much!
It is like jelly beans for the cats.
You are very welcome,Coco!

Auntie Elaine

cat_aunty said...

Hehehe Coco maomao, you like Temptations ah.....