Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cat-sitting with incentives :)

In other news, Spud's family has gone on a short trip, so I've started cat-sitting him from yesterday. Spud's mom left me a lovely note, telling me to help myself to the egg nog, which supposedly tastes lovely with the rum from their liquor cabinet, and to eat her home-made tiramisu that's sitting in their fridge. *Grin*

I saw the tiramisu but where is the egg nog, mom? I want to try but I couldn't find it or the rum anywhere in their kitchen leh?!? Does Spud know where it is??? I didn't eat the tiramisu last night as I was already over-stuffed with dinner at Sakura (which had a lovely X'mas spread, BTW), but tonight....yeah! Tiramisu, here I come!

I must make Spud's mom feel better by eating her home-made treats. :)

Interestingly, I found this brown tortoiseshell Burmese cat on the net who is called Kimlai Tiramisu (literally translated as 金来 铁来米酥 ? ). I think the name really suits her...heh!


EJ. said...

Yum , egg. and with rum is wonderful!
Kimlai Tiramisu has a gold -ly glow!

cat_aunty said...

Waaaaah I also wanna cat sit Spud leh.......

Kimlai looks like one fiesty tortie!!!