Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Coco and the chirping twirler

I was on leave (still am) and went to the pet shop to have a look. Found this toy which my colleague had bought for her pet cats. It came in several variations (with fuzzy mouse, or bird feathers) and I bought this plain stripey one to play with Coco.

Coco checking out the new toy

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*Yawnsss* ...maybe not so interesting

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Lazy Coco: Hmmm ?

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Let's get Coco to wake up a bit

In the video, I did not "turn on" the chirping noise which will come on when the stick is twirled or shaken (the noise came from real birds).

Later on, I realise the chirping noise had no effect on Coco...she would play even without the chirping noise, which means any old string will do lah, actually. Haha!


san said...

I got this for the migo. At first they were quite taken with the noise then they got disinterested as usual. :)

MightyMouse said...

Looks like Coco and Skoda "sama sama" (same same) har - only upper body exercise ;)

ck said...

I never buy toys for my cats anymore because they'll spend 5 minutes sniffing and poking at it and then walk away disinterested. But leave a piece of raffia string or an empty box outside and they can spend days playing with it.

Moral of the story - the best toys are those that do not cost anything.

EJ. said...

Coco says:
Any necktie will do lah!

cat_aunty said...

Agree lah. I spent $20 on a cat toy then no cats like it. I tie a raffia string on a stick and they all fight for it. *mad*

Coco has a chubby face but her body is slim leh