Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cat litter control & hairball matters

After trying out several types of cat litter (coarse, fine, superfine) and a couple of methods, we find that this is the best way to minimise cat litter tracking.

(Picture shows the L-sized litter box which we alternate with the other XL-sized one)

It looks a bit cluttered with the 2 pieces of rubber floor mat, but it sure beats having to sweep the kitchen floor a few times a day!

Of course, I should have bought 2 pieces of same-coloured floor mats and better colour-coordinated them with the floor tiles, but I had only found the 2nd thinner (brown) mat much later...oh well.

If your cat uses a covered cat litter bin whereby there is only one single doorway to enter the bin, then you'll only need one piece of floor mat to be placed next to the entrance (to catch the stray bits of litter from cat's paws).

I've been feeding Coco basically RC Indoor 27, plus another type of cat food, just to add variety and encourage her to eat more. Currently the 2nd one to add flavour is Nutro dry, chicken with salmon flavour, which comes in interesting bigger, flat fish shapes. We'll still stick to RC as the base food, coz I find it's good in controlling hairball and minimise vomitting.

I sometimes check Coco's poo, just to test the texture, but one day, while using a clear plastic bag in its disposal, I was intrigued to actually find a small clump of cat hair stuck to the poo.

I have a picture of the poo, but it may not be in good taste to some to post it right up front, so PLEASE DO NOT CLICK THE LINK BELOW if you may be offended by it.

Warning : Scary picture ahead !!


Click here if you really, really, really wanna see the picture, or can't control your curiousity any further.

Picture of the hairy poo.



cat_aunty said...

Describe until like can not click woh....

But. The picture is convincing!!!

CocoMaoMao: " Foster mummy why you take picture of my poo poo??"

EJ. said...

Drum rolls.......
Okay, I clicked, I saw.

CocoMaoMao, your poo doesn't spoil my appetite. It is just like the panda's poo I saw on the pandacams.
only their Pandas' poos are green
(from their bamboo's diet).

auntie p said...

Glad to know that the poo pic didn't gross anyone out. Haha!

cat_aunty said...

Dear EJ, got pix or not??

EJ. said...


Got, got picture. Click 'poo' of Picture of the hairy poo.

EJ. said...


Oh, are you asking about panda's poo pix?