Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jacket not big enough

Since the day I posted the funny backward-walking cat video, I've tried the walking jacket on Coco a couple more times to see if it will work for her.

My verdict : I think Coco can be trained to use the walking jacket, except that kinky-looking jacket (borrowed from San) is a bit small for her. ;p


I think the length of the jacket (along the spine) is a bit too short to fit Coco nicely. It would be a better fit if it was longer.

What happened is if I velcro the jacket to fit her snugly, Coco's neck kind of gets pulled back towards her body, and it also looks like the armholes are too tight for her shoulder. So in the end, Coco can't move properly, except mostly backwards. Wahahaha! I still can't help laughing at the video. :P

If I loosen the 2 velcro strips, Coco can move about well and can even climb and jump, but the only problem is after a while, I'll find her crouched in a corner because her front paw will somehow get caught in/through the collar.

It looks like I'll have to find an alternative jacket, which will hopefully fit her nicely. Thanks to San for the kind loan of the jacket. If you're reading this, San, I'll return the jacket to you soon. ;)


cat_aunty said...

Hahahaha poor Coco....she is a clever cat, she will work it out soon.

EJ. said...

Coco gradually becoming a versatile model.

»-(¯`v´¯)-»møk@»-(¯`v´¯)-» said...

beautifull! i love cats!

san said...

She looks quite spiffy :) Yup this jacket ends quite high so I guess it could be rather uncomfortable. This is size M :))

auntie p said...

Har? That means Coco needs to wear L or XL size ah?


san said...

Cat_aunty said that they are selling a figure 8 harness at Ikea - black with rhinestones. Sounds like a grand affair eh?