Saturday, January 12, 2008

New year, new courtship

There's a new courtship in my life right now, and the subject of my courtship is this little fella. :)


I was alerted to its presence by Ms A during those pre-X'mas rainy, stormy days. The first time I saw it - it was hiding in a small drain, being shy, timid and looked utterly terrified. I went back to check it out several times since then, but didn't see it and thought that it had succumbed to her fate.

Post-new year: Ms A told me that this kitty is still around and is very good at hiding. I saw it again, and it's grown quite a bit. Ms A thinks it's a girl and calls her Mimi.


Well, girly kitty looks about 2.5 months young and has a long tail and a perfectly centre-parted hairstyle. Heh!
She's starting to eat dry food and explore more, and I'm trying to court her to be my friend.

My only worry is that she is living too near to King Sugar. The SO is quite sure that Sugar and JonJon know about Mimi's presence. I just hoped that Sugar will be more magnanimous towards her and will be 宽容 and willing to 放她一马.


Stay safe and well, Mimi.


EJ. said...

Hewow Mimi.
She is a survivor!

cat_aunty said...

Take care, Mimi!!!