Sunday, February 10, 2008

The day before Monday *groan*

Truth be told, I'm aching all over today, from the kick-boxing class yesterday. All I feel like right now is to lie in bed all day and not do anything remotely strenuous, yet Coco kept barking at me to "Get up, get up!" the whole morning, like Ah Ma like that. *Roll eyes*

On some nights, if I'm still at the computer past 11pm, Coco will come crying and whining at me non-stop, that is, until I turn off my pc, and go to bed with her. Then she will quiet down.

Yesterday, she did it again! She stepped over my keyboard and turn off the pc while I'm still reading some blogs. *Grumbles*

What kind of kay poh cat have we got for ourselves?!? *Smacks forehead*


Despite the aching body, it's time to meet a couple of friends for lunch, and hopefully, plan a vacation for ourselves. :P


EJ. said...

Coco got a double storey condo.

cat_aunty said...

Coco was sulky again?

cat_aunty said...

Spencer is like that too. She would shout at me after 11pm, to go to bed.

She would shout at Sister S if she goes back to bed after she has breakfast.

auntie p said...

The SO was supposed to build up the cat condo with some materials I'd bought, but Coco likes to hang out in the rack the way it is, and sometimes demands that I play with her while she's in the lower bunk.

Cat aunty, Coco is born with that grumpy she can't help looking sulky most of the time. Haa! I'm not sure if she can ever manage a remote smile with that face of hers. :P