Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mimi's update

I couldn't find Mimi yesterday; she was not sleeping in the bike basket as usual.

I wonder where she's gone to? Now that she's bigger and got used to the place, she's exploring more of the surrounding, including the next block(s), and is no longer afraid of people. In fact, she's rather curious and kay poh about them.

Mimi has become friends with Kiddy and loves to charge at him in play. I've seen families stopping in their tracks (on their way home) to look at them play, with smiles on their faces. My wish is that one of these families would decide to take Mimi home and provide a loving home for her. She is a lovely kitty.

Mimi: I look like a husky dog meh?


cat_aunty said...

Yes Mimi, you look like a husky dog.

Sya safe yah?

auntie p said...

That didn't occur to me at all, until KSN mentioned that her SO said Mimi looks like a husky. Now cat aunty says the same...and when asked, my SO also say the same about that photo.

She's safe...I found her yesterday, sleeping in another bike basket. Soon, the bike basket will be too small for her.