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Pet Peeves - ST Forum 7 March 2008

Two letters published today in the Straits Times Forum page:


They refuse to accept the fact that cats, unlike human beings, neither enjoy sexual intercourse nor care about creating a family tree.

MISS REBECCA HO SHULING, who agrees with a Forum reader that errant owners are responsible for the cat problem in Housing Board estates. She thinks such owners are either stubborn or ignorant; they refuse to sterilise their cats as they want to give them a 'normal' life and produce offspring to continue the family line

Free-market principle hurts some pedigree dogs

I REFER to the article, '1,521 pedigree dogs dumped' (Feb 28). I was at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) two weeks ago and was shocked at the number of huskies there.

Why is it inappropriate to impose a restriction on the breed and number of dogs coming in to Singapore? Huskies are cold-climate dogs and Singapore has a tropical climate. How many owners of huskies actually live in landed properties with lots of space for the dogs to run around?
Some points to note:

Young huskies make good pets if given plenty of space to run and play. But their high demand for exercise and activity makes them a poor choice for urban residents;

In more humid regions, huskies are prone to develop ear and related infections;

If several huskies are kept in the same lot, they tend to be vocal, howling and barking at each other and any other dogs in the vicinity unless they are trained to be quiet. In crowded neighbourhoods, this can be a nuisance to neighbours;

Huskies make relatively poor household dogs; and

They may be considered hyperactive by sedate humans, running in circles inside a house when bored or cramped. If left alone in a dwelling for long, they may engage in destructive behaviour out of boredom, mischief or malice.

In drawing up rules, we should consider the welfare of dogs and their suitability in our tropical climate. How many more dogs will be dumped or put to sleep just because their owners suddenly had no time for them or found them too troublesome to care for?

Grace Peh (Mrs)

This is one of my pet peeves as well:

TV licence fee

Why collect this 'tax' when there is enough revenue from TV advertisements to cover costs?

MS YEOH SWEE IMM, who says that the TV licence fee is another form of 'tax'' which should go the way of the recently abolished estate duty. Abolishing the fee will give many Singaporeans, especially poorer ones, access to the educational content television offers


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