Saturday, April 05, 2008

Community cats on Saturday

Sugar occupying a box in another territory. I believe the box is meant for Kiddy or Mimi, not him!


Tortie gal


Tabby2, who would look up every time he hears the hp camera's focusing sound, so cute!


He's actually very fat and out of shape, but he's very affectionate and loveable.


Tabby2 and Tortie gal

Tortie gal is the very jealous and garang one who will throw her weight about the male kitties in the area.
Tabby2 is capable of retaliation but chose to be the gentleman cat. :)


san said...

Tabby 2 has pretty eyes.The colour is very beautiful.

EJ. said...

Tabby2's is short and fat.

cat_aunty said...

Tabby2 looks like he is wearing black booties

auntie p said...

Yeah, Tabby2 has lovely green eyes. I love the soft fur on his chest and his spotted underbelly too...very nice to sayang. :)

He's very affectionate and will soon do the "kneading" dance after some sayang-ing, even while he's eating!