Sunday, June 01, 2008

Spud's cat-sitting completed

The cat-sitting assignment was completed tonight. We left Spud at 9+pm. The Spuddies came back home safely at about 10.30pm.


Spud was getting restless the last few days, kept calling to be let out of the house, which he is usually allowed to do, unleashed.

I wasn't about to let him out freely without a leash, because he's known to roamed about to the other floors, leading his family members to hunt for him floor by floor!

I finally found his walking jacket today, put it onto him (he didn't like it) and let him out.


Being unused to the walking jacket and leash, Spud didn't go very far away from the gate.


Here's Spud tonight, sitting on my lap and allowing me to pat him like a baby.

Spud sure is very cuddle-able! And εΎˆζœ‰εˆ†ι‡,very nice to pat his rump.



EJ. said...

Spud is like one loving furball.

san said...

The harness loks nice on you Spud. Its also much safer for you. You have such pretty blue eyes:)

cat_aunty said...

Happy reunion, Spud!

He has very pretty colorings.