Saturday, July 12, 2008

Readers' love stories

On the "Your Voice" page of this bi-monthly publication by the Central Singapore CDC (which stands for Community Development Council), the two most touching love stories were published, and which won their writers a $20 book voucher each.

The surprising thing (or unless it's because there were few letters?!?) was that both love stories are not about human relationships, but about the writers' cats!

The first story is about a cat called Lucky (click photo to read).

The 2nd one is about a cat called Snowy, who incidentally looks like Simbal (with his crossed eyes!) from Metta Cattery. :P
(click photo to read)

What does it mean when the grassroots authorities publish stories about pet cats like these?

Hahaha! :)


cat_aunty said...

Erm....*scratch head* that there is no love between humans worthy enough to write about????


auntie p said...

Let's hear more answers first. :)