Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who is Garpy?

Since our dear community cat, Gym-Garfield no longer lives outside the gym, he has been renamed Garpy by Papa Chinky, his fosterer.

See how much Garpy has bloomed and how well he gets along with the in-house residents . These pictures of Garpy hanging out with Mei Mei are soooo super cute that I've asked his fosterer for permission to post here for posterity. :)

Garpy snuggling up with Mei Mei (Chinky in the background)

Awww.... aren't they a sweet pair of darlings?

(Photos courtesy of Chinky)


cat_aunty said...

Oooooh so this is Garpy!!!!

He is one gorgeous marmalade tom! He is very sweet to Meimei hor? Chinky jealous ah????

EJ. said...

very compatible!

KXBC said...

Chinky is human or cat? Unless this cat can take photo? :)

MacVet said...

Where does he work out now? ;)


auntie p said...

Chinky is the cat that can win the goondu look competition, but he's not really gong gong, as you can see in this video - I Not Stoopid. :)

Hiya Macvet, perhaps Garpy now works out by chasing Chinky and Mei Mei about the house.

auntie p said...

Macvet: Do you remember Jackie? I recall you made the lovely poster of her for the adoption drive previously. :)

She's now a PR in my MIL's home and has a big tummy! Read this: Jackie, et al