Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kitty Paraphernalia

Since the night Coco threw up onto her cat bed, I had no choice but to wash the cat bed, which won't do if I throw it into the washing machine. So boh pian, I had to wash it by hand and then figure out a way to hang it for faster drying.

Fortunately, uncle S always have strange paraphernalia around the house.

There are teeth marks and tears on the cat bed, caused by an itchy-mouthed Coco when she was younger.

When dry, the bed had a mild detergent smell, which was enough to deter (pun intended) Coco from sleeping in it. It took about 3 days before Coco finally accepted her bed. This is after all, her favourite cat bed out of the 2 cat beds.

The litter bin was also washed and scrubbed, usually once a month, or whenever I replace all the cat litter.

I think it got the stamp of approval from the bin inspector, the smell of detergent notwithstanding .

I tried something different and surprisingly, Coco does take to this canned food, at least initially.


The salmon cat treats with the kitty packaging, which ran out the other time. The contents are the same as the one with doggy packaging.


More cat grass for HRH.

I'll cut up the older, dried-up grass and pour them (& soil) over the pomergranate soil as fertliser.
Reuse & Recycle!

This is a cute plastic tote bag that I'd bought about 2 years' ago. It's cheap and even comes with a zipper. My mom likes it too, so I'd given it to her. I tried to buy it again, but it wasn't available anymore - the manufacturer seemed to have run out of this particular shade of kitty fabric!



EJ. said...


'Bed,litter,treats,grass...these are a few of my favourite things.'

san said... many things to do for one kitty :)) I'm sure Coco loves it yah.

cat_aunty said...

Lucky Cocomaomao....despite of Auntie P's grumblings, she LOVES you.

auntie p said...

Thank you for all your faith, but I didn't think I was doing anything special.

Just like we human beans need the basic necessities of a warm bed to sleep in, a clean toilet to use, nice food to eat, the occasional treats & tit-bits, etc., the furry friends who come under our guardianship (to quote Chinky) should also enjoy the same basic privileges. :)

I only wish the community cats can enjoy the same things too.

Chinky said...

Where do you buy the cat grass?

auntie p said...

I got the catgrass from Thomson Plaza (shop name is AquaPet or something). Below for your reference:

Planting catgrass
Catgrass Day 3
Catgrass Day 4
Day 8 - catgrass ready for eating

Alternatively, you can buy wheat grass from the supermarket (about $2.80 per pack), cut them into smaller pieces for the cats.

auntie p said...

PS: the brand of catgrass is "CattyMan ASAP catgrass".

KXBC said...

Coco's waist is quite trim. Do you find her skinny? Is she a small eater? How many spoons of dry food a day and also wet food?

I am asking because CC's waist is like that too but the vet says he is not skinny even though he lost 600g in 4 months.

san said...

Once the clan of 3 - Bujang, Ms Akira and Tanaka have a taste of the cat grass, none of them will eat wheatgrass with any enthusiasm. They would just nibble at wheatgrass now. I buy SmartyKat grass as don't have ASAP grass around here.

auntie p said...

kxbc: Although Coco is light (around 3kg) and has a small waist, we don't think she's skinny, not at all. She eats about 3 scoops (large tablespoons) of dry food and one-third of the small can of wet food a day. She's energetic and her regular "mad dashes" and jumping about keep her lean. Being so light means I will be concerned if she loses any weight, even 100g, which means a lot to her already light weight!

CC's weight loss of 600g may seem alarming, but I think it depends on his weight before the weight loss. I might not be overly concerned as long he's not underweight now, although I would be curious as to what caused his weight loss.

San: Ahh...thanks for the tip. I wonder what's in cat grass that makes them one up above wheat grass.