Sunday, August 31, 2008

Other area's community cats - update

Since the deworming mission, I went back the next day to check on Shiny. I was afraid I might have inadvertently overdosed him a little on the deworming tablet.

During the deworming, I had to carry him to the mosaic bench so that I could cut the tablet into smaller pieces, and I'd only realised how light he is after I'd came back and carried Coco. Shiny was lighter than Coco!

I was glad that that he seemed well. Shiny was waiting at the doorstep of the feeder, who hadn't yet fed him, as evidenced by the presence of the Sunday papers sitting on their gate in the typical Singaporean HDB style. Shiny ate a small can of wet food, plus some dry food.

Jambala came by to wait for her breakfast - that's my chance to deworm her!

I had one more deworming tablet, but I didn't have my knife with me... squatted in one corner and tried to break the tablet into quarters with my fingers (with partial success), then hid the tablet into the wet food and gave it to Jambala. The gal is smart - she must have bitten on the half-tablet, found it distasteful, and refused to eat any more of the wet food. Can't fool her. ;)

Attracted by the smell, the noisy Humm Humm came by in the midst and very loudly demanded for a piece of the action!

I gave him the leftover half can of wet food, with a quarter of the leftover deworming tablet. So at least Jambala had three-quarters, which was probably insufficient for her weight.

I walked over to the blocks across to try to find a dustbin, met this guy who came over to sniff the empty can, and started clamouring for some too. Aiya, no more already!

I'd seen him before years' ago, and thought he belonged to the Malay residents of that home (can see the dish of dry cat food beside the dustbin). I gave him some dry food, which he ate in an extremely noisy "nom, nom, nom, ngow, ngow, chomp, chomp" fashion...very amusing! I turned around and understood why...

BT was standing stealthily right behind me. The empty wet food can was a cat magnet!

BT is really quite chubby now. I brought him further away, gave him some dry food, and went on my way.


Anonymous said...

Wat is that on Humm Humm's chest area? Looks like a wound ;(

auntie p said...

I think so, but there's nothing anyone can do as HH is not a touchable tom cat.

EJ. said...

Humm Humm gotten 'humtam' in a fight ah.

auntie p said...

For tom cats such as HH, it's common for them to wander around different territories to fight...that's probably all they (and their raging hormones) do all their lives...besides finding female cats on heat to spread their genes. Hence, sometimes they can disappear for weeks.

I find the sterilised male community cats still patrol their territories but not as wide an area, so fewer fights and less injuries. That's just my observation.