Saturday, September 13, 2008

Shiny keeps us busy

We've been seeing Shiny twice a day for the past week - once in the morning and once in the evening. The current S.O.P. are now like this everyday, with slight modification for the weekends:

a) Upon waking up in the morning, take out bottle of antibiotic eye drops from fridge to warm up (Shiny hates cold eye drops)

b) Carry 2 cans of FussieCat, plus feeding apparatus and dry Sanabelle in work bag; Shiny's current preferred dry food is the adult Sanabelle, which comes in small kibbles, so easier to crunch down

c) If we find Shiny, wipe her eyes/face of discharge, administer eye drops, then feed wet food, followed by dry food

d) Upon reaching office, put eye drops and leftover clean canned food (if any) in office fridge

e) Before leaving office, remove eye drops and leftover canned food from office fridge and keep in my work bag; to ensure I don't forget (d) and (e), I have set reminder alarms on my hp to cue me twice a day

f) Meet up with the SO in the evening and repeat (c); if he has to work late or if I go out after work, we will just do it later; Shiny will not be starving as she (confirmed it's a 'she' now) will still go to her usual cat-friendly household to wait for food, but will still eat at least half a can of FussieCat from us.

Shiny in late-Feb 2008, with less than shining eyes

Her eyes have improved somewhat, although very slowly. Her left eye now looks brighter (like her right eye in the Feb photo), and her right eye still has a slight swelling on the upper lid, and less on the lower lid. Overall, she is less weak, can meow (in her slight coarse voice) and can even chase after us at times.

The nice thing that's happened is that we've met another lady (a self-declared "dog person" and not Shiny's feeder) who's been concerned about Shiny and trying to feed her, medicate her with flu medicine and take her to the vet too (but without success too). When she has to travel for work, she asks her friend to help out, so we've met her friend too. And being the small world that this is, all three of us happen to have a common friend~!

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cat_aunty said...

Thank you for taking care of Shiny....