Sunday, September 21, 2008

Feeding the fussy HRH

A pretty bowl, in a good large size...

...which I didn't buy it for HRH... Heh! I've been using microwaveable plastic bowls, or the discards from my old pottery class.

I was short of canned food one evening, and on the way home, went to buy this to feed Shiny, and gave the (clean) leftovers to try on Coco.

To my surprise, Coco took to it, and on the next night too.

But it costs more than Fussiecat. >_<"

Coco really knows how to pick and choose!

These (below) are cheaper, but all kena-ed rejected by HRH's QC, including the "kitten tuna pouch" from the same brand.

Rejected by HRH (Note: the actual food looks nothing like the picture)

Another reject! *Grrr...!!*

I must remember not to try these brand on HRH again. Sigh...


san said...

the amigos like Tom and pus too. Even ms Akira the picky one.

Chinky said...

I can see the great human-ness in HRH :)

KXBC said...

I see the gum in the food I also don't feel like eating it. HRH has good taste.

cat_aunty said...

The pet shop recommended Tom & Pus to me once. I didn't buy because they said it is manufactured in PRC....

kuro.shiro.neko said...

does HRH like fancy feast? i know of very few cats that reject ff.

KXBC said...

The reason why I like FF is because I do not see the gum physically (compared with Whiskas). Maybe it's mixed inside but it does not seem so. The 2 flavours I buy (Liver and Ocean Fish (bright blue label)) are the gang's favorite.

Even when XX was extremely sick, she will still tolerate FF and no other. We managed to get CC eating again via FF as well (liver only as he is allergic to fish).

NB seems more nutritious based on ingredient list but it is not as flavourful and does not have the gravy which the gang likes. My HRH will actually reject NB.

KXBC said...

Dear cat aunty

Actually a lot of cat food are now either made in PRC or Thailand. Mostly PRC. Remember the NB melamine scare in 2007? Melamine is also the cause of the current milk powder tragedy.

Damn those people who intentionally place the melamine into the milk and cat food just to profiteer. I hope they and all their descendents and families will be made to drink those melamine-laced milk 3 times a day and suffer a slow painful death from kidney failure and other ailments. If I am the PRC govt, I will do just that. Their lifes for all those cats/dogs/babies lives they have destroyed.

I sent XX for a kidney blood test when melamine was detected in NB. Result was negative. Now I am not so sure. Is XX's kidney failure due to the melamine in NB incident (she eats solely NB during that period)?

auntie p said...

No, Coco does not approve of most brands of canned food, even the more expensive ones. I've tried FF, the exotic-looking Tikki, NB, Burp! etc. but nothing pleases HRH. When she first came, she likes the F brand of pure tuna (which texture reminds me of the Teochew shark+minced pork dish), but that's off the shelves for a long time.

Re FF - I have come across at least 1 or 2 community cats who can't stand FF, esp those with the "noir-noir", sticky texture. Many do like the layer of jelly in NutriOne and supermarket brands - some of them aren't really deprived of wet food, so it's not like they will eat just about any wet food. Most of all, they love freshly-cooked steamed fish...that's their no. 1 hit. :)