Thursday, October 09, 2008

About Shiny, the community cat

Quite a few things have happened since the last update on Hari Raya.

Shiny has stopped hanging out at the block where I usually feed her and where her wooden box is. Instead she's been hanging around the household that feeds her and the other community cats. I think the distance between those 2 blocks are too far for her ever weakening body.

Since then, I've began placing another water bowl nearer to her "feeding household", in addition to the earlier one at her other place where her wooden box is. A few days ago, someone left wet food on her box overnight, even though Shiny was no longer there. I didn't clear the stinking mess away for this person has to learn not to litter. I've also stopped putting out the water bowl next to the box, to discourage further littering by this person.

As Shiny has been getting food from her regular household, she no longer eats the food I gave her, or just a very tiny bit, so I've stopped giving her wet food. I still visit her twice a day and change her water twice a day.

Meanwhile, through Shiny, I've met other people who cares for Shiny. One is a lady who fed Shiny some essence of chicken! Another came to see and stroke Shiny and who told me that Shiny used to always greet people who passes by, and how she misses Shiny's clear voice. :)

I'd earlier made plans for someone to continue to feed Shiny when we go on holiday. Last night, I was thinking about reminding this someone to change her water, but I have not seen Shiny the whole day today. The last time I saw her was last night.

Shiny wasn't at her hangout this morning, and I noticed her water bowl had been moved away from its usual spot. At night, I sms-ed L, who said she'd met Shiny early this morning and Shiny had walked towards her! *Phew!* This means Shiny hasn't conked out and that someone must have taken her (I guess) between 7am and 8am this morning. Whether they've taken Shiny home to care for her, or to the vet, I really have no idea. Will have to snoop around tomorrow or during the weekends if I get a chance.


EJ. said...

Shiny is lucky to have to many kind people looking out for her.

auntie p said...

I think it's her sweet, sociable character that made so many people notice her and like her.

cat_aunty said...

Take care, Shiny!