Friday, October 10, 2008

Is she a 大陆猫?

HRH now seems to despise her once-favourite Fussie Cat tuna with salmon, although she still eats some of the other flavours. Her current favourite of the month is this:

Tom & Pus *whisper - made in PRC* *Sshhh...*

She likes it so much that she's even willing to eat it cold (straight from the fridge).


Sometimes, she likes to supplement her diet by catching her own food, which we prohibits as far as possible.

{Chinese translator: 大陆猫 (da4 lu4 mao1) means "cat from the land of PRC (i.e. 大陆)}


cat_aunty said...

So, erm, will there be part 2?

I want to watch Coco eat the "flower" leh.....

auntie p said...

Cat aunty, we can't allow Coco to eat the bug if we can help it. We usually catch the bug/roach and release it outside, somewhere or the bin (for roaches that repeatedly parng sai in our home for a long time...boh pian).

We should not let the pet kill other living creatures, as it results in negative karma for them and makes it more difficult for them to be reborn into the human realm in their next life.