Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fat man with yelping JRT

Just came back from trying to feed the community cats an early snack/dinner, without much success.

While I was with Blackie (community cat) and before I could feed him, we were suddenly bombarded with loud barking, and that's when I saw a JRT on a leash darted forward towards Blackie. I took a step forward to stand between the JRT and Blackie, while the JRT continued barking away at Blackie. My first instinct was to shoo JRT away with my bag, but I stopped myself in time.

While all that yelping was going on, which created a din, the short and fat man (about 1.6m tall, wearing greenish collared shirt and shorts, with chubby face and specs - all this is for me to remember his face) stood there, saying to his dog "Ok, ok" while all the while smiling away with his eyes on the sheepish Blackie slinking away.

After about 30 to 40 seconds, fat man continued to stand there while his JRT barked on, making no effort to pull back the dog or to walk away. I think he must be enjoying the sight of seeing his dog barked at Blackie, since he was still smiling smugly away. Maybe he was actually giving his dog positive strokes for barking at Blackie, shit!

I suggested for him to take his dog away, since his dog was so noisy. Fat man's retort was "why don't you bring the cat away?"

Me: "The cat has already gone away." (Blackie has already walked away and hiding under a parked car, you smug idiot).

Fat man again retorted:"Why don't take take the cat home to feed? Why don't you adopt the cat and bring home...?" and he turned away from my sight.

Ahh...too bad fat man slinked away. I had wanted to ask him: "You were really enjoying that, weren't you?".

(Note to self: JRT is slim, with a sharp, somewhat pointed face, slightly bigger than usual size - could be mixed breed)


cat_aunty said...

F**king asshole.....I don't know why some dog owners have this superiority complex in them, and always the same smug refrain, why don't you bring the cat home. If i hear it again I am gonna whap the person's face

auntie p said...

Sad to say, I've heard of many cat caregivers facing this type of negative comments from dog owners and others who don't have a fraction of a shred of compassion for the community cats. Luckily for me, it's the first time I see this idiot, as most folks (usually domestic helpers) walking their dogs will be polite and pull their dogs away immediately.

I went down at about 8pm again to feed the community cats - they all got their share of Fancy Feast and dry food in their tummies. :)

EJ. said...

Yelping JRT must has his rotten altitude from his fat owner.