Saturday, November 29, 2008

Coco meets Sophie :)

Sophie arrived yesterday evening, and as I sat on the floor in the cat room, Coco must have forgotten there is a new cat in the house, and approached me confidently...then suddenly stopped in her tracks to check Sophie out!

Furry Encounter from Po P on Vimeo.

Immediately after she arrived, Sophie (the name I gave her) wasted no time in devouring the kibbles. She wasn't afraid at all; she was friendly, purring all the time and did the knead-front-paws dance. She was also quiet during the night. :)

By this morning, she still hadn't use the litter bin, so I swop hers with Coco's bin, hoping to send her a "stronger" message. Until she's learnt to use the clumping litter, I've to keep her in the cage, with regular breaks out of the cage to explore the cat room under close supervision.

Both cats seemed curious about each other, and I caught Coco taking occasional peeps into the cat room. So far, Coco seems unperturbed by the newbie's presence, and still behaves normally. The most surprising thing was there was no hissing at each other at all, except for a short snarl from Sophie at the SO when he tried to carry her suddenly.

At about 2.15pm, Sophie finally pee-ed in the litter bin, so she's now let out of the cage and free to nap around in the cat room. Photo updates coming up soon. :)

Oh, by the way, I discovered Sophie loves to dip her paws into the drinking bowl to splash out the water! I hope that means she enjoys bathing! Heheheh...


xy_meowie said...

coco seems like she was staring in disbelief & hopes like it was just a dream. she goes out & hopes that when she comes back later sophie wont b there haha.

EJ. said...

Yippee, a new fosteree!
sweet and calm gal Sophie.Where is she from?

Coco's expression is like:
"You better not be here when I get back later"

Chinky said...

**applause well done Sophie**

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

sophie really has the air of a gracious + calm queen. =)

auntie p said...

xy_meowie, your interpretation really made us laughed! :D

bubblegum casting said...

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