Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tortie is a beauty

Don't mess with me!

Tee Hee... no one can resist my charming looks and sweet voice.

Despite suffering a big wound (possibly a bite wound) on her right rump a couple of months' back, Tortie the community cat (and a fan of uncle S) seemed none the worse for it. The wound has healed nicely and the hair had grown over the patch.

She is a smart cat and can recognise uncle S and me (or is it 'I' ?) by sight. Despite her small size, she dared to "scare" the bigger male cats that have been around much longer than she has. Such is the naiveté of the young ones. In fact, she has "choped" or taken over the territory that used to belong to Tabby2, one of my favourite male community cat.

Tabby2 is quite the noble gentleman to tolerate such nonsense from Tortie. However, when push comes to shove, cool cat Tabby2 will not hesitate to show his clout, as I had seen him do to another pushy female cat. I must remember to take more photos of handsome (albeit plump) Tabby2 next time.

Tortie develops affinity for uncle S

1 comment:

cat_aunty said...

I tell you, torties are always very garang one. Like the Auntycat, handicapped and small size but has the heart and stomach of a tigress! And a voice to match.

Your tortie looks very formidable! Especially with the markings on the forehead.