Sunday, September 23, 2007

Book on cat games

After Cat Aunty mentioned it in her blog, I decided to go check out the book at Page One Bookshop (which incidentally, has become my favourite bookshop). The book is called 50 Games to Play with Your Cat, and only costs $14+ nia.

Here's Coco checking out the book.

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Peeking intently at something which caught her eye... (she was pawing the pages earlier)
Maybe eyeing the handsome ginger boy?!?

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Oooh, it's a game called Catnip Crazy...

Remember how spaced out Coco became after sniffing on fresh catnip leaves?

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After her inspection of the book, QC officer Coco declared in all seriousness: Every cat house should have one!

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Mistress Coco: I expect to see the Cat Condo built and up by the next weekend. Now, go work on it while I take a nap.


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Being the humble servant that she is, the author did not forget to thank her masters for their model contribution "in the face of distracting lights, camera, and crew" (to quote her).

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Verdict: Every page of the book has full-colour pictures of real cats playing the games (important factors to me) and the games are simple to make, so for $14+ nia nia, I think it's a steal lah!


Ps: I am in no way affiliated with the said bookshop, although I wish I was...coz I would love to work in a bookshop...but then money not enough!


san said...

Thats a pretty cool banner. I don't remember you having a ginger kitty except Sanju. Which cat is this?
The condo looks great:)

Yu Yan said...

may I know where is this bookshop to buy this book please please? Like very interesting leh~

auntie p said...

You're quite right, San. The only ginger I'd fostered was Sanju. This ginger was a "sort of" community cat that was also "sort of" owned by one auntie. We'd seen him grown up from kitten age, and he was the 100% perfect lap cat, neck cat, arm cat, shoulder cat, etc. cat. Sadly, nobody had seen him since 2+ years' ago or knew where he's gone to.

Yu Yan: Page One Bookshop is located at Vivocity.

cat_aunty said...

Oh. Really got a PageOne bookstore ah?

Glad Coco approves of the book. Of course it will be even better when you make something afer your nap kekeke

EJ. said...

Coco: Other must-get books -

50 gourmets to cook for your cats
50 ways to massage your cats
50 lullabys to sing to your cats

auntie p said...

Waa EJ, 你不要害我啦!


cat_aunty said...

50 ways to share blankets with your cats

50 ways to make your bed without waking the cats

50 ways to train your cat to wake you

50 ways to wake your cat....????

EJ. said...

Hehe, aunty p, me instigating Coco!

Lol, cat_aunty!