Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday morning excitement

When we went to see the cats this morning, this was the sight that greeted us.


Oops! Kiddy and Mimi (b/w) aren't supposed to be in this territory!

They must have been a little displaced by the funeral wake that is happening at their block. There have been too many wakes for the last few days - two are currently still on, with another which just ended 2 days' ago - all next to one another.

A confrontasi was about to start!!

From what I know of them, Tabby2 and Kiddy are generally peaceful cats. I have never seen either one of them fighting, but cats being cats, when threatened, must show some "action" to ward of possible enemies.

I didn't know what had taken place earlier, but by the time I got to them, I heard Kiddy starting to hiss loudly, with hair and tail all puffed up!

The not-to-be-defeated Tabby also started vogue-ing in his "acting-bigger-than-I-really-am" pose and growled back, although he still gave me his wide-eyed innocent look when I pose my hp camera at him. Haha!


Meanwhile, the bystanders, aka Tortie Gal Mimi and Blackie were keeping quiet and watching by the sidelines. TG Mimi even ate her "popcorn" before the drama had begun.

Kiddy's sidekick, the b/w Mimi still pounced about towards us, totally nonchalant about the going-ons.


I sayang Kiddy and he started to walk away, still growling. Mimi the sidekick quickly followed her leader.

At last, confrontation averted~!


cat_aunty said...

WOAH that Kiddy is one huge cat!!!!

Aiyah cats sometimes don't start fighting until the humans appear! They just show off only, or have no intention to fight anyway. They are just waiting for the humans to intervene so that both sides don't lose face!!

How did TG Mini eat her popcorn?????!

Chinky said...

There were three funeral wakes in my neighbourhood at the same period last week.
Pandemic started?
Time to see the documentary on Nat Geo or Discovery of how the earth regenerates itself every every human is gone.

auntie p said...

Cat aunty, actually Tabby is bigger than Kiddy. It's the camera angle that made Kiddy look bigger (Kiddy is nearer to the hp camera).

See show must eat popcorns, right? Tortie gal's popcorn is cat food lor.

cat_aunty said...

When they go, they all go together....

After careful examinations, yes, Tabby is as chubby as Kiddy!!!

EJ. said...

lol, popcorn to go with the coming up show.

Good that they are just putting up an act but no fights.
It was like those early 70's Taiwanese costumes tv shows, took out the swords but no fight.
Tortie Gal Mimi and Blackie sure know how to get good sidelines seats.

Tabby2's stare is deadly enough!